South Bend (DDDCOMPG) 900+hp SFICompetition Triple Disc Clutch (No Hydraulics) Dodge G56 Trans 2005.5+

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South Bend 900+hp SFI Competition Triple Disc Clutch (No Hydraulics) Dodge G56 Trans 2005.5+ DDDCOMPG

South Bend Clutch Competition Triple Disc Clutch

-Lever type pressure plate with heavy increase in pedal pressure

-12 Feramic buttons per side of disc

-Rated for 900 horsepower and 1400 ft/lbs torque (Good for extreme Sled Pulling)

South Bend Clutch Competition Double and Triple Disc Clutches are Cryogenically Treated for Superior Strength. Cryogenic Freezing creates an even distribution of molecules in the metal.  This new consistent grain structure distributes the flow of energy evenly throughout the entire object, eliminating stress points. With no weak points the metal is stronger and more durable than ever before.

Hydraulic Assemby Hydx.750 REQUIRED


Dodge Diesel Trucks with G56 Transmission 5.9L and 6.7L engine 2005.5+