Revx (distance+w1gal) Distance+Winter Fuel Additive

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Revx Distance Plus Winter Fuel Additive distance+w1gal

•   Unmatched Winter Performance to -45°F
•    Minimum 6 Point Cetane Increase for increases Pulling Power and Torque, Economy and Reduces Exhaust Gas Temperatures
•    Added Lubrication Agents Keeping Both New and Old Fuel Injection Systems Running Smoothly with Reduced Wear
•    Added Detergent Agents Make Sure That the Entire Fuel System Stays Clean for Maximum Performance
•    Increased Corrosion Protection, Extending Service Life on All Stored Vehicles
•    Water Dispersant Agent Reduces Harmful Water in Fuel System
•    Added Storage Agents Extend Fuel Service Life From Approximately 6 Months To Well Over a Year
•    Bio Fuel Neutralizing Agent - Eliminates Bio-Fuel Sediment Fallout That Plugs Fuel Systems
•    B5 - B20 Bio Fuel Compatible
•    Reduces Toxic Smoke and Exhaust Emissions
•    Reduces EGT Temperatures
•    The Most Concentrated Fuel Additive Formulation Available (1 oz. treats 25 US gallons above -45°F
• One Ounce Treats 25 US Gallons According to Temperature
• Effectively Treats 3000 Gallons of Diesel Fuel