Revx (distance+16oz) Diesel Fuel Additive


Revx Diesel Fuel Additive distance+16oz

•    Year-Round Protection in Warm Weather Areas
•    6 Point Cetane Increase (not 6% like the others)
•    Neutralizes Negative Aspects of Bio Blend Fuels 9B5-B20)
•    Improved Cold Starting On All Diesel Engines
•    Increases Detergent and Lubrication Properties
•    Increases Corrosion Protection
•    Increases Engine Performance
•    Reduces Component Wear
•    Reduces Engine and Exhaust Emissions and Toxic Smoke
•    Dramatically Increases Fuel Storage Life
•    Increases Water Dispersion
•    Keep Fuel Stable to -0°F
•    Many Customers Are Also Reporting Fuel Mileage Gains as Well!
• Treats Up To 400 US Gallons
• One Ounce Treats 25 US Gallons