BD-Power Tow & Street 47RE Transmission 96-02


BD Power Dodge Cummins Transmission Kit - 1996-1997 Dodge 47RE 2wd 1064162F
BD Power Dodge Cummins Transmission Kit - 1996-1998 Dodge 47RE 4wd 1064164F

BD Power Dodge Cummins Transmission Kit - 1997-1999 Dodge 47RE 2wd 1064172F
BD Power Dodge Cummins Transmission Kit - 1998-1999 Dodge 47RE 4wd 1064174F

BD Power Dodge Cummins Transmission Kit - 2000-2002 Dodge 47RE 2wd 1064182F
BD Power Dodge Cummins Transmission Kit - 2000-2002 Dodge 47RE 4wd 1064184F

Your transmission was only designed to handle the torque and horsepower the stock engine delivers, and in the case of some Dodge models, even the stock torque can present a challenge. So when you start adding power modules, turbo upgrades and other bolt-ons, it’s only a matter of time before the transmission wears out and eventually fails.
BD transmissions are built specifically to handle the high torque loads of diesel engines at our state-of-the-art transmission facility.
BD rigid aluminum heavy duty transmission pan
   • Adds 1qt extra oil capacity
   • Reduces case flex
   • Reduces internal oil leakage
   • Heat-dissipating fins keep temperature down
   • Magnetic drain plug
Fully rollerized geartrain
All new bushings
New input shafts and hub
New design valve body
   • Up to 80% higher clutch apply pressures over the stock unit
   • Pressure increase starts at much lower engine rpm’s and at lighter throttle pedal position movement
   • Light throttle shift firmness is also maintained
   • No shuttle shifting problems
Upgraded governor pressure transducer (47RE/48RE)
Upgraded governor solenoid
   • Twice the burst pressure than stock
Cooler line case saver in every transmission
Added heavy-duty clutches with up to 25% more material than stock
Machined forward (rear) beveled pressure plate
Machined overdrive brake (front & rear) pressure plate
Machined direct clutch (front) piston
High temp/energy Raybestos band
Billet band strut & anchor
Billet dual ring accumulator piston
Stock thrust washers replaced with roller Torrington bearings
   • Saves governor solenoids
   • Reduces friction
Drilled intermediate shaft for increased lube
Modified manual valve for lube in all positions
47RE transmissions upgraded with more rugged 48RE components
BD auxiliary full flow filter kit for extra protection

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