BD-Power Dodge Billet Input/Intermediate/Output Shafts

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BD Power Billet 300 Maraging Input Shaft 1994-2007 1600115 
BD Power Billet 300M Output Shaft 1994-1995 47RH 1600113  
BD Power Billet 300M Output Shaft 96-07 47RE/48RE 1600116  
BD Power Billet 300M Intermediate Shaft 1994-2007 1600117   

Increase transmission durability with either stock or Billet input, output and intermediate shafts and hubs. Billet shafts, that are rated up to 300M and 300 Maraging, are designed to take the shock from high horsepower and heavy loads - highly recommended when using our Triple Torque Force converter or for any truck making over 500RWHP. Replacement stock shafts and hubs are also available for the less aggressive trucks.