BD-Power (1081160-d) Cool Down Timer

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BD Power Cool Down Timer2 Kit 1994-2005 1081160    
BD Power Cool Down Timer2 Kit 2006-2009 1081160-D1  
BD Power Cool Down Timer2 Kit 2010-2012 1081160-D2  
BD Power Cool Down Timer2 Kit 2013-2016 1081160-D3

Cool Down Timer (CDT)
Shutting your engine down after a heavy haul when the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) is above normal can result in turbo bearing damage—but now you can protect your turbo with BD’s Cool Down Timer (CDT). The CDT works with any K-Type EGT probe commonly found in most pyrometer gauge kits and has adjustable shut down temperature setting. Plus, five-minute timeout and quick shut down functions.

The new design of the CDT adds increased troubleshooting ability and new installation features plus the ability to work with vehicle security alarms and in reducing regeneration of the DPF on 2008-up vehicles.

NEW kits for 2006-2015 Dodge with inline plugs that reduce the install time by 20 minutes!