BD-Power (1047001) Billet Compresser Wheel

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1999.5-2003 Billet 7.3l Compressor Wheel

Replacement cast compressor wheel for the stock turbochargers on Ford 7.3L Power Strokes eliminates the compressor surge that is common for these applications. By also offering more airflow at upper boost levels, this upgrade breathes new life to your stock turbo and allows for more efficient output when using mild power increasing modules and tuners.

BD’s new light weight Billet Milled 9-bladed extended tip Compressor Wheel has improved performance and response over our cast wheel design – the cast wheel for many years has satisfied customers for the application which eliminated a surging problem of the stock compressor wheel.  The new Billet extended tip wheel design results in:

• Quicker Spooling
• Higher Boost Pressure
• Eliminates Compressor Surging
• Reduces EGT’s
• Improves Fuel Economy
• Reduces Visible Emissions

Additional efficiencies can be achieved with our Adjustable heavy sprung Waste Gate Control to increase boost pressures, and, prevent leakage or creep from the stock spring compressing.

  Boost EGTS HP Low RPM Surge Weight Road Spool Ability
BD Velocity Wheel 28psi 1087F 276 No 110g Fastest
Stock 27.5psi 1087F 273 Yes 125g Standard
Wicket Wheel 25psi 1130F 270 No 125g Slowest

Upgrading your stock 0.84 A/R turbine housing to the BD-Power 1.0 A/R housing will also increase performance by reducing back pressure and lowering EGT's.