BD-Power (1045220) Super "B" Single Turbocharger 94-02

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BD Power 1994-2002 5.9l Downpipe, V Band Clamp, Band Clamp - 1045220

Features An Extended Tip Compressor Wheel. Double-Port Adjustable Wastegate/Shrouded Housing. Offers Quick Spool-Up. Cooler Exhaust Gas Temps And No Surging.

Designed in a joint engineering effort between BD Diesel Performance and Borg Warner's Turbo System Airwerks, these performance inspired turbochargers flow enough air for even the most extreme applications. BD Diesel turbochargers are suitable for racing applications, yet responsive and durable enough for street use and heavy towing. These turbos are designed for minimal turbo lag and big horsepower; all while maintaining lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs). These turbos operate at peak performance producing boost while giving your engine the cool dense air it needs for more power. BD Diesel turbochargers can also improve fuel efficiency and eliminate turbo surge, bark, or explosions. BD offers kits that are suitable for applications ranging from 300 to over 700 RWHP. They offer bolt on replacement single turbo kits as well as twin turbo kits that allow users to upgrade their truck for unbeatable performance. All kits come with the necessary hardware needed for a proper installation. Some kits include modified intake tubes, down pipes, etc if needed.