ATS (3029303104) TripleLok? Torque Converter 1989-2003 Powerstroke E4OD/4R100

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ATS TripleLok Torque Converter 1989-2003 Powerstroke E4OD/4R100 3029303104

The TripleLok? Torque Converter for 1989 to 2003 Ford PowerStroke is the only Diesel torque converter on the market that has been awarded two patents from the United States patent office. There is no other torque converter offered anywhere that can make this claim. The 30 square drive tabs that are precision CNC cut into the billet cover is only one of the many patented aspect of the TripleLok? converter. ATS engineered a unique two piece design that not only allows us to cut precision radial flank drive lugs into the cover but also utilizes a plasma weld ensuring an unmatched quality standard. The patented radial flank drive tabs virtually eliminate the wear that is common with all other round tab multi-disc torque converters. This is the number one reason ATS can offer a 5 year warranty on all our torque converters.

Features of the TripleLok? torque converter are:

-Billet Cover with Patented square Flank Drive

-Square Tab Construction (Not Round)

-Triple Disc CNC Laser Cut Clutch Plates

-Billet Piston with Patented flank drive tab design

-Proprietary ATS exclusive Clutch Formulation with unique bonding technology (ensures 100% chemical Bond)

-Redesigned Spring Dampener supports increased extend torque loads

-4340 Harden turbine splines provide longevity due to engine torsional stress

-Fully Welded Turbine and Impeller Vanes

-CNC Stator with High Flow Windows Increase Oil Flow providing increase efficiency

-Full Roller Bearing Construction Between High Load Areas

-4340 CNC cut Pump Drive Hub lock into Impeller Housing and Plasma welded for unsurpassed strength.