ATS (1049002272) Street / Towing Cam 2003+ 24V Cummins

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ATS Street / Towing Cam 2003+ 24V Cummins 1049002272

2003+ Dodge Common Rail 5.9L Cummins Street/Towing Cam Shaft

When upgrading the 24V engine you may come to the point where you need an increase in air flow or better spool up to help out on towing, street, or in a competition use.

By upgrading your cam you are increasing the duration your valves are open allowing more airflow through the engine. This extended duration is going to help out with keeping your EGTs cooler, faster spool up time with your turbo, and an increase in power.

Cam Shaft Benefits

  • Increased power
  • Lower EGTs
  • Faster spool up times
  • Great for towing, street, or competition