AirDog (R2SBF219) 150GPH Raptor Pump

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Raptor Fuel Pump RP-150 GPH (R2SBF219) 1999-2003 7.3l Power Stroke

The Raptor® Lift Pumps allows more fuel to flow than a stock pump. If you have an upgraded engine with larger injectors, etc., then the Raptor® Lift Pump can improve fuel flow for improved performance. A large engine can starve for fuel if a better, high rate flow pump is not used! The Raptor fuel pump supplies a larger amount of fuel to the existing high pressure pump

Raptor Fuel Pump Features:

  • Built-in Adjustable Regulator
  • No Return Line Needed
  • Single-piece Pump Body
  • Gerotor Pump
  • Flow Rates of 150 GPH
  • Easy Installation