AirDog (R2SBD049) 100GPH Raptor Pump

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Raptor Fuel Pump RP-100 GPH (R2SBD048) 1998.5-2002 5.9l Cummins

The Raptor® Lift Pumps allows more fuel to flow than a stock pump. If you have an upgraded engine with larger injectors, etc., then the Raptor® Lift Pump can improve fuel flow for improved performance. A large engine can starve for fuel if a better, high rate flow pump is not used! The Raptor lift pump is designed to supply a larger amount of fuel to your existing fuel pump.

Note:This pump is designed for use on trucks that still have the stock lift pump in the stock location. If your Fuel Pump has been relocated to the fuel tank refer to R2SBD355 Raptor Pump

Raptor Fuel Pump Features:

  • Built-in Adjustable Regulator
  • No Return Line Needed
  • Single-piece Pump Body
  • Gerotor Pump
  • Flow Rates of 100 GPH
  • Easy Installation