AirDog II-5G DF-165 | A7SABC510 | Duramax Lift Pump 11-14 6.6L

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PureFlow AirDog Fuel Preporator

The Pureflow AirDog II-5G 165 GPH A7SABC510 Air/Fuel Separation lift pump, or Fuel Preporator, is the top must have upgrade for your 2011-2014 LML Duramax. The diesel fuel system on your LML is the heart of the vehicle’s performance and reliability. This low pressure (preset at 8-10 psi) LML lift pump mounts in front of the fuel tank to the frame jig. The pressure side feeds the CP4 injection pump through the factory feed line on the frame. The suction/fuel supply side hook directly up to the factory quick disconnect fittings and the air/apor return is sent back to the tank through a filler neck tee making the install very straight forward. Due to the fact the Duramax does not have a factory lift pump, these trucks usually see the most benefit from an AirDog lift pump fuel system. (see How It Works)

The II-5G features a fully adjustable (7-55psi) integrated diaphragm pressure regulator. This regulator offers more consistent fuel pressure and allows for higher flow rates at pressure.  It can also be boost compensated to battle any pressure drops under open throttle (boost compensation kits sold seperatley).  The 5G also includes an updated 12 gauge wiring harness with Metri-pack 280 connectors.

Over the life of your diesel pickup truck there may be unnecessary stress on the fuel system. High mileage and/or additional performance modifications such as a tuner or over size injectors may weaken your injection pump, or CP4, in a shorter amount of time than with the stock fuel system. As a result, your performance, reliability, and fuel economy may suffer. However, by installing an AirDog II-5G lift pump, you will strengthen, protect, and in most cases extend the life of your fuel system and related parts. The supplied fuel filter (FF100-2) and water separator (WS100) filter your fuel down to a 2 micron rating, which surpasses the stock fuel filters filtration capability.

The AirDog 2 5G will also help your truck by eliminating spray pattern disruption from air entering your diesel fuel system. The result is overall increased engine efficiency by keeping the injection timing where it should be thus allowing a more complete burn of the fuel entering the cylinder.

This AirDog II-5G 165GPH lift pump for your LML Duramax is recommended for diesel trucks that have a stock to aggressively upgraded fuel system (meaning stock to larger injectors and injection pump; will also support aggressive tuning). Perfect fit for daily driving, towing, and performance applications reaching up to 800 RWHP!  Don’t forget all PureFlow AirDog pumps are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The AirDog II-5G DF-165 for the 11-14 Duramax is engineered with the most proven, quiet and reliable motor technology on the market.  It also retains the “demand flow” capabilties of the previous AirDog II systems.  This means that is has a constant supply of clean, pure fuel available for your injector pump at all times.  Any fuel not used by the engine is simply recycled back to the tank, so it will never “over-fuel” your system.   The II-5G A7SABC510 uses the same better-than-OEM fuel filter (FF100-2) and water separator (WS100) as the previous AirDog II models.  Pureflow AirDog products are manufactured in Shelbyville, Indiana by a team of skilled workers with unsurpassed attention to detail and using the most stringent quality assurance.

Benefits of the 5G Fuel System

  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Longer Injection System Life
  • Increased Power and Torque
  • Reduced Exhaust Emissions
  • Adjustable Diaphragm Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Boost Compensation Capability
  • Quiet and Smooth Pump Operation

The AirDog 5G offers features to make it more durable than any other brushed DC motor system on the market!

AirDog ® II-5G Installation for Most Any Skill Level

The installation of any AirDog II system has been designed with the customer in mind. They know not everyone has special tools or fabrication skills, so the installation was made as easy as possible with basic hand tools and the occasional power drill. The quick-connect fittings and fuel lines make this a true plug and go installation, reducing the overall installation time. The step-by-step manual outlines each process of the installation and is accompanied by visual guides to aid your progress.

All-Inclusive Installation Kit Includes:

  • Relay Control Wiring Harness
  • All required Fuel Fittings
  • All Require Fuel Lines
  • Mounting Brackets and Hardware
  • Installation Manual